Drake sued the girl who accused him of rape

The rapper intends to claim compensation for libel and moral harm from the girl.

The loud scandal surrounding the rapper Drake’s rape accusation was continued. Recall last spring, a certain Leila Leys said in social networks that she was raped by the famous rap artist. Moreover, as a result of the incident, the girl allegedly became pregnant and gave birth to a child, but Drake avoids her calls and meetings with her and the baby. Leys even posted screenshots of her correspondence with the musician and a receipt for payment of the pregnancy test. In an interview with journalists, Leila no longer mentioned rape, although she noted that she was absolutely certain that her father was Drake.

Recently it became known that the representatives of Drake are preparing a lawsuit in court - Leila is accused of extortion, slander and fraud. The rapper himself does not deny the fact of communication, but insists that everything happened voluntarily and with the use of contraceptives. In addition, as noted in the lawsuit, no truthful information about the pregnancy and the child, who should have already been born, was never provided.