Jay-Z became the richest rapper

Spouse Beyonce topped the list of rap artists with the highest income.

The past year turned out to be fruitful for Jay-Z - according to estimates of the American magazine Forbes, he earned more than other rap artists. Income men for the year amounted to 76 million dollars. The rapper received the lion's share of earnings for a joint album with his wife Beyonce, as well as their joint tour, which is still ongoing.

In second place on the list was Puff Daddy, who now acts under the pseudonym Love. However, 64 million people brought him not so much songs as alcoholic business, which grew into an entire empire. Closes the “top three” Kendrick Lamar and its 58 million from touring and collaborating with the Nike brand.

By the way, the eternal rival of Jay-Z - Kanye West, husband Kim Kardashian - is in the ranking only on the 10th place.