Attractive slenderness or painful thinness: 10 stars of Hollywood who have lost much weight


Slim figure has always been in fashion. That is why Hollywood celebrities without regret part with excess weight. We present a rating of stars who have become very thin for a particular purpose.

Matthew McConaughey

The actor lost 23 kg in 7 weeks, preparing for a role in the movie "Dallas Buyers Club." Matthew ate only tapioca, chicken, eggs and diet coke.

Seth Rogen

Get rid of 14 kg Seth helped sports with a personal trainer. The actor lost weight in just a few months without any reason.

Kelly osbourne

It took the girl 7 months to throw 25 kg. There is no secret of losing weight: she just stopped eating a lot.

Angelina Jolie

The actress is fond of various diets and syroedenie, as well as rumors about her anorexia. The last time she dropped 20 kg in a few months and stopped at around 37 kg. According to fans, such a painful thinness does not suit her.

Renee Zellweger

For four months, the actress managed to get rid of 12 extra pounds. Low-calorie food and sports activities led the body of Rene in shape. But the girl could not stop in time and lost weight beyond recognition.

Christian bale

For the role in the thriller "Machinist" the actor threw off 45 kg in just 4.5 months! He actually ate nothing. His daily diet consisted of coffee, a jar of lean fish and an apple.

Jessica simpson

After the birth of two children, the actress decided to return to the former harmony. She got rid of 30 kg in 6 months with the help of training on simulators and a special Weight Watchers diet.

Mila Kunis

For the role in the thriller "Black Swan" actress threw off 9 kg in a couple of months. Kunis sat on a vegetable diet and practiced ballet for 5 hours.

Kersti Alley

The actress lost weight from size 52 to 46 in 10 weeks. The reason for the intense weight loss was the lack of demand. Get rid of the extra 45 kg Kersti was able to with the help of a balanced diet and intense loads in the gym.

Kate Winslet

To throw off 20 kg of weight to the actress the Hollywood diet helped, after which Kate switched to a healthy diet. She dropped the weight only in order not to remain unclaimed against the background of thin rivals.

Overweight has not benefited anyone yet. But some stars are so addicted to losing weight that it is sometimes impossible to recognize them.