50 stylish ideas of manicure with rubbing

A manicure with rubbing in 2018-2019 year is not only the mirror smooth surface or the iridescent chameleon that we used to see in the last couple of years. Prism, overflow of colors, flakes, glass and other effects that always look original on nails, are firmly established in the trends of this season. Such a manicure looks stylish and unusual, and in combination with a competent design and high-quality performance will always attract the attention of others.

50 multi-colored manicure ideas with rubbing: photo

If you want something discreet, but with a hint of a playful mood, choose a white rub. It will perfectly replace the classic jacket with gel polish and perfectly complement any image.

Black rubbing most often has in its composition particles of a different color (silver, blue, multicolored). For example, in combination with magnetic silver glitter, the effect of a cat's eye is obtained.

It looks interesting rubbed beige. With its help you can create both a gentle, sophisticated manicure, and luxurious designs for an evening look.

Probably, every girl applied red lacquer at least once, because this is an ageless classic. But if you are tired of the usual monotonous red, replace it with a rub. So the manicure will look bright and modern.

Gentle pearl shade can be obtained with a pink rub. This option is perfect for spring manicure or a hike on a date.

Blue and yellow - definitely a choice for those who are tired of natural nude colors and want a bright and noticeable design.

Flakes, mirror shine, rhinestones and holography are another beautiful rubbing option.

Since its inception, rubbing has become popular among the fair sex and still does not come out of the trends. If you have not tried this design yet, sign up to your master and enjoy the result!