20 sophisticated ideas manicure in the style of mehendi

Mehendi - the art of painting with henna. Indian patterns are most often applied to the skin, and it is believed that they protect people from adversity and bring happiness and joy. In 2018-2019, the beauty industry proposes us to use ethnic motifs in nail design. Manicure in the style of mehendi looks unusual, and the variety of its variations will allow you to choose something suitable for you.

Curious ideas of manicure in the style of mehendi (photo)

The classic nail design is nude base color (from white to light pink or beige) and black or brown patterns.

If you want an even more gentle version of such a manicure, then use white color for the picture. So you emphasize your femininity and sophistication.

If you want something light, but with a small bright accent, you can use different bright colors for the patterns. The playfulness of the form will give the replacement of the usual thin lines on small dots and circles.

Despite the fact that most often beige shades are used for the base, you can experiment and choose absolutely any combination of the main color and pattern. By the way, red, purple and yellow colors have become fashionable this season.

Dark shades and rhinestones in ethnic manicure will add a zest to it and will definitely attract the attention of others.

The main feature of such nail art lies in the technique of its execution. The lines should be smooth, thin and neat, then nail design will surely emphasize your femininity and complement any image.