Justin Bieber explained why he cried in public

The other day the paparazzi found the artist on the street crying. Fans suspected a quarrel with his bride, Haley Baldwin.

During the bike ride with his lover, Bieber was in a frustrated state, later the singer did not keep his emotions and burst into tears in front of everyone. Hayley initially tried to calm him down, but she herself could not hold back her tears. This ambiguous scene was filmed, and the photos quickly flew off the net. The fans immediately sounded the alarm about the couple's relationship. Some were confident that they would be separated soon, and some thought that other problems were the cause of such a mood, which was even more disturbing.

Photos from Instagram: @justinbieber

Journalists tried to find out what justin grieved Justin. As it turned out, lovers really quarreled that day, which knocked the artist out of the rut. He also talked about a book that had a strong influence on him: “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller. According to Bieber, he wants to be an ideal husband for Hayley and does everything to make her happy.