Yegor Creed mocked the finale of the show "Bachelor"

Yegor Creed has posted a funny parody to his Instagram. Several bloggers shot an amusing video on which they made fun of the TV show "Bachelor" with the participation of a popular singer. Yegor appreciated their sense of humor.

In the new season of the show "Bachelor", in which Yegor Creed took part, Daria Klyukina won. However, after the project, apparently, their relationship did not develop. Egor did not give any comments on this issue and at any lucky moment he laughed at the girl. He laughed aside and did not know that Daria had participated in the previous season of the show. Creed said that he knew nothing about her and advised the girl to participate in the program with Olga Buzova.

The young man continued to chuckle at the "Bachelor" and laid out in the social network a parody in which the actors mocked the project. Egor Creed noted that he had a very talented job, which greatly cheered him up.

In this video, an actor similar to Creed answered the girl that he would not marry her, because it was just a show. Fans of the Bachelor suggest that in reality both Daria and Yegor were simply very well promoted, and then they fled.

In addition, it turned out that Klyukina got on the project "Bachelor" for the second time thanks to the pull. It turned out that she and Yegor had known each other for a long time, and when the girl found out that he would be the next bachelor, she rushed to the casting. But then she was refused. Dasha did not give up and took advantage of family ties. Her cousin, Dmitry, is friends with manager Yegor. They agreed, and the singer himself asked the producers to take the girl this season of the project.

According to Yegor, he was satisfied with the reality show. He believes that this particular “Bachelor” has become an important event for many. If you believe the statistics, then the project watched every third resident of Russia. The singer noted that in this way everyone could get to know him better.