Hot ten of the sexiest cosplayers of the world


It is believed that cosplay originated in Japan, but it is not. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the newfangled hobby only became unusually widespread, turning into a huge cultural stratum, but the first swallows were participants of the science fiction conventions of 1939-56 in the USA, dressed up in costumes of their favorite heroes. Since then, cosplay has been marching victoriously around the world, drawing into its ranks all the new members, and some approach the matter so seriously that they become real celebrities. Proof of this - 10 stunning cosplayer of our selection.

Alodia Gosiengfiao (Alodia Gosiengfiao)

Her love for computer games and their colorful characters led her to a passion for cosplay Filipina Aodia. For the first time trying on the image of a priestess from the game Ragnarok Online, the 15-year-old girl did not assume that teenage passion would give her victories in several contests and media attention, which provided the young cosplayer world-wide fame.

Alodia is officially included in the hundred most beautiful Filipinos

Today Alodia hosts a prank show on TV; is an official of the Philippine telecommunications company; attends anime conferences regularly in the role of an honored guest, then a jury member; It promotes skin whitening products, beverages and healthy nutrition products, collectible toys, clothing, sushi bars. In addition, it is the official model of the game Jade Dynasty and moderator Khan Online. And the Filipina does all this, without ceasing her favorite cosplay. It remains only to envy the energy and fantasy of the girl.

Cosplay became for Aodia not only a hobby, but also a lifestyle

Note that fame did not turn Alodia’s head - having achieved recognition in her youth (the first significant victory at the competition took place in 2003), she took care of getting a bachelor's degree in information design and perfectly mastered playing the piano.

By the way, UNO magazine called cosplayer one of the most powerful women in the Philippines.

Nick Aodia on Instagram: @alodia

Amy Lynn (Amie Lynn)

Unlike the first heroine of our list, Amy Lynn perceives cosplay rather as a hobby, not plunging into it with full dedication. And she has little experience in transforming her own personality into anime characters and games - for the first time she heard about this culture in 2009. Nevertheless, she managed to achieve considerable success on her chosen path and become a well-known personality in cosplayers.

The girl quickly moved into the ranks of professional cosplayers

On Amy's side is a rich imagination, hard work and dexterous hands, allowing the girl not only to create designs of new costumes, but also to personally design them, up to the most complex details.

Amy’s martial heroines are especially trustworthy — apparently the character of Lynn herself

The enthusiasm of cosplayers did not go unnoticed by the creators of the games. For example, before the launch of the next part of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Electronic Arts attracted Amy to participate in an advertising photo shoot, inviting her to reincarnate as popular game heroes.

To embody the image of the Iron Bull do not trust anyone

Nick Amy on Instagram: @misshabit

Animation (Ani-Mia, AniMia)

If Aodia came to the modeling business, thanks to cosplay, then Animi did the opposite: first, she vigorously walked off the N-th number of kilometers on the runways, and then she became interested in the original hobby, which gradually grew into something more.

In cosplay Animia went from the world of fashion

Inventive, able to present familiar and imaginatively fresh images, the beauty tenaciously holds the attention of the press in her hands, continually getting on the covers of fashion magazines with her next anime character. And the fact that the creative young lady is always welcome at anime festivals and competitions, and there is nothing to say.

Seductive cosplayer draws the attention of fans around the world

Today, Animia collaborates with the American company Crunchyroll, publisher and distributor of media products, one way or another connected with anime, manga, games, youth TV shows and music from Asia.

Anima helps to promote cultural products from Asia to America

Nick Animi on Instagram: AniMiaOfficial

Ellie Cosplay (Ely Cosplay)

This Taiwanese girl is best known for her painstakingness with which she approaches the creation of her costumes. If Ally gets down to business, you can be sure that the new image will be thought out to the smallest detail, including the surrounding surroundings and the right light, in order to completely immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of the next anime, game or movie.

Ellie takes her viewers to the fairytale worlds.

Cosplay became Ellie’s life style more than 10 years ago, but the real recognition came to her after the incarnation of Touhou’s computer game character Sakuya Izayoi.

After the photo shoot, glory fell on the girl

What is especially nice for fans - Ellie's instagram rarely remains abandoned. Apparently, one of the sexiest cosplayers of the world is especially pleased to pamper its subscribers with a demonstration of a new embodiment of this or that idea.

On the photos with Ellie everything is thought out down to the smallest elements.

Nick Ellie on Instagram: eeelyeee

Jessica Nigiri

Having gained her first fame in 2009 thanks to an unexpected idea to show the world of Sexual Pikachu, Jessica, a native of Nevada, decided not to stop there and boldly moved on - to conquer the world of cosplay first, and then the modeling business.

I bet you haven't seen this Pikachu yet?

True, evil tongues say that the photos of Instagram girls are too primitive and take more defiant frankness than imagination, but these are obviously the intrigues of envious people, otherwise Jessica would not be on the list of the top 10 US cosplayers in 2014.

Someone blames Jessica for excessive sexuality of her braz

In addition, today, behind the beauties of beauty, participate in the official photo shoots of Lollipop Chainsaw and Assasin's Creed IV: Black Flag. She is also a video blogger, journalist, model, dubbing actress, welcome guest in music videos and famous patron of arts. In short, everything indicates that the girl has not only an appetizing figure, but also brains and heart.

Assassin costume she definitely goes

Nick Jessica on Instagram: jessicanigri

Liz Brickley

And again, we will talk about the professional model from America, which turned its passion for sewing and computer games into an additional source of income and popularity. Especially Liz was struck by the creators of the game Thief, personally constructing a costume for her character, including a bow and arrows.

Liz built her own costume

On the account of the hardworking cosplayers, there are more than a dozen different characters, the most favorite of which for Liz is Jinx from the League of Legends game.

Each cosplayer has a favorite character.

In addition to Instagram, Liz has her own channel on YouTube and an extensive portfolio. Unfortunately, the latter presents only the work of the girl as a traditional model - for connoisseurs of beauty and employers, they may be of interest, but for gamers and cosplayers hardly.

Fortunately, Liz is not going to throw cosplay

Nick Liz on Instagram: lyzbrickley

Mon (Mon)

Surprisingly gentle face, huge innocent eyes, transparent skin ... At first glance, little Mon from Taiwanese from Taiwanese, even a person who is far from sentimentality, will seem like the very embodiment of grace and cavity! Actually, on the basis of these concepts, the girl builds most of her images.

Mon sometimes resembles a doll

But do not be deceived by wide-open eyelashes and a sweet smile! Mon perfectly knows how to play on contrasts, and the combination of her doll appearance with sometimes very bold and truly original costumes always produces the desired effect. Army subscribers Taiwanese beauty just multiply!

Fantasies Mon not hold

By the way, Mont is a true cosplay fan. For her, nothing costs to appear on the street in one of his fantastic images. Admit it would be great if such a little girl took the queue in the store behind you?

The residents of the capital of Taiwan have a chance to meet Mon on the street right in one of her fantastic costumes.

Nick Mon in Instagram: @ monpink11

Rail (REIKA)

It seems, the cosplayer from Japan in our list has not yet met? We fill this annoying gap by introducing you to Reik - a girl who is equally effectively able to embody both female and male images. And neither the innate girlish grace, nor tenderness to her in this is not a hindrance.

Despite the obvious femininity, Rake likes to embody male images more

The answer lies not so much in costumes as in Reiko artistry and in her mastery of the art of make-up, honed to the highest skill. On the other hand, where, if not in Japan, the country of the Kabuki theater, should such a nugget be born?

Why not a prince?

Among the admirers of Reiki, there are both girls and boys, and the cosplayer herself continues to deftly deceive nature, appearing as either a prince, or a space warrior, or a samurai. It remains only to watch and enjoy.

The girl's ability to transform is impressive.

Nick Reiko on Instagram: @reika_japan

Stella Chuu

Stella, who lives in New York today, is another model, a frequent participant of the burlesque show and international cosplayer, who has been working hard to promote the culture of geeks to the masses.

Stella has become interested in cosplay

Stella creates her costumes on her own, managing to make them recognizable, but at the same time adding something different to each.

The girl fits well into any image

Due to the achieved success, the girl cooperates with many famous brands that are ready to invest in its development and promote their products due to the popularity of Stella. Well, mutual advertising never hurts.

No wonder girl's activity attracts such attention.

Nick Stella on Instagram: @stellachuuuuu

Vampibitmi or Linda Lee (VampyBitMe)

Is it possible to combine interest in Japanese culture, designer talent and ineradicable craving to create something romantic, special, not always fitting into the framework of the traditional world? “Yes,” Linda said confidently and went into cosplay. Moreover, she left so well that in a short time the images she created took place in the catalog of the online store Otacool 2, which specializes in cosplay tricks.

The girl is endowed with talents in many areas

The beauty was noticed not only by amateurs, but also by professionals. So Linda became the official video gamer when sponsoring Mad Catz, began her career as a costume designer and designer at Team Mantium Designs, and began working with companies like Street Figthter and Manga Entertainment UK.

The companies that offered cooperation to the girl were obviously not lost.

However, cosplay remains one of the main activities in the life of a young lady. VampyBitMe devotes a lot of time to working through the details and creating the most spectacular images, for which he is bathed in the love of his fans.

Find the 10 differences

Nick Linda Lee on Instagram: @VampyBitme

Do you still think that cosplay is fun for unfinished children? What is enough to pull on an unusual costume, and you are ready to join in a strange, geeky, but amazingly addictive movement? Nothing like this! A real cosplayer always "plays" his character down to facial expressions, movements, and favorite words, and he sometimes creates costumes for weeks. And all this is on pure enthusiasm, if, of course, you cannot get into the top of the “most-most”, when your passion begins to work for you. The girls from our list to get lucky. And we were lucky to watch and admire their work. Do you have your idols?