Doctors Alibasova told about his condition

Condition producer continues to be difficult.

The whole country empathizes with Bari Alibasov, who is trying to cope with the consequences of his poisoning with a tool for cleaning pipes. Relatives of the star showed a photo of a shelf on which a bottle of chemical equipment stands next to yogurts and juice — the vial is really easy to confuse with them.

Because of the strongest internal injuries, the doctors put the man into a state of medication sleep, and on the appointed day he did not leave him. Doctors do not give any predictions so far, but sources at the hospital claim that they have warned relatives that Alibasov may never be able to swallow and eat food on his own.

Because of the difficult condition of the star, rumors about his death appear every now and then. There was even a picture in which the soloists of the group “Na-Na” allegedly arranged a rehearsal for the funeral of the producer. But close this news refute.