Borodinova angered his fans bag for half a million rubles

Ksenia Borodina is no longer the first time accepting the wrath of a hater because of her attitude to money.

So, only recently it was criticized for a very expensive watch, which was noticed on one of her photos. Moreover, the network is unhappy with the prices in the beauty salon Borodina - for a manicure there you have to “lay out” about 8 thousand rubles. And the other day Ksenia consulted with subscribers, not knowing which Gelendvagenov to choose - white or black. By the way, the price of such a car starts from 10 million rubles.

A new wave of envy of followers was caused by the girl's reasoning about what she is ready to spend half a million rubles. It turned out that she had paid exactly that amount for her bag from the fashion house Birkin.