Kirill Pletnev faced a crisis after a divorce

Separation with his wife strongly reflected on the star.

The news of the divorce of actor Kirill Pletnev with his wife Nina Ninidze was a surprise to fans. It seemed that the couple live happily in marriage and are actively engaged in raising a three-year-old son. According to rumors, the young wife of the actor left him to Sergei Bondarchuk, who had just recently divorced his wife, Tata Mamiashvili. There is no evidence of this information yet, but the other day Pletnev hinted that the divorce did not take place on his initiative.

Despite the fact that the actor asked not to disturb him on the topic of parting with Nina, he was the first to talk about it with the followers. According to Cyril, he faced a serious crisis after the departure of his wife, who hopes to survive quickly.