Scary beautiful: 10 of the most beautiful horror actresses


The joke about a terrible girlfriend, capable of acting in horror movies without makeup, has long been irrelevant. The current maniacs with chainsaws, unknown monsters and other vermin prefer to choose their victims sexual girls with long legs, expressive eyes and other outstanding charms. For the last 10-15 years, such an army of hot beauties, who have acted in various horror scenes, marched through the screens of cinemas, that choosing the top 10 of them was not easy, but we tried.

Megan Fox, "Jennifer's Body"

The role of the bad girl Megan was great

If there are courses on enhancing sexuality in this world, the movie "Jennifer's Body" with Megan Fox in the lead role is required to be included in their curriculum along with posters, gifs and directing versions. Always fascinating, relaxed, perfectly able to present herself, in this film, Megan tore off all the stop-valves and betrayed such a wave of sexuality that she splashed out of the screen without any problems. In fact, the girl here is one of the main “hooks” to which the cunning director catches the viewer: even those who did not appreciate the plot of the film did not consider time spent in vain. He was completely paid for by the contemplation of the incredible Megan. Or rather, Jennifer, suddenly embarking on doing strange things after meeting with a company of visiting rockers.

Unfortunately, the heroine of our beauty in the film was not lucky: they kill her throughout the film already twice.

Paula Patton, The Mirrors

Wet clothes became a good find and added a field of points

Pretty Paul, who in the horror film "The Mirror" got the role of the wife of the protagonist, is remembered first of all by the genuine horror in the eyes when the otherworldly Something begins to break through to her and her family from all the mirrored surfaces. And in the second, an excellent figure, enough to admire which the viewer will be allowed through a wet shirt of the heroine. Recall that water is quite capable of playing the role of a mirror, so Pole in it, the Field had a lot to do with it. Fortunately, for her heroine in the film, everything ended well ...

… Or not?

Halle Berry, "Gothic"

Fighting ghosts and real opponents, Holly didn't lose her attractiveness.

Horror are not the fad of the actress, but at least once the Catwoman and the blond Storm from "X-Men" happened to light up in the horror film "Gothic". And although her heroine, a former psychiatrist who became a patient in her own clinic after being accused of killing her husband, practically throughout the entire tape, appears frightened, tattered and dressed in a hospital robe, her beauty does not fade. And when a girl enters a battle for life and death ... Oh, you can only sympathize with the unlucky opponent of beauty.

In a word, the victory, survival, and dubious mystical bonus come to the heroine Holly at the end of the film, deservedly so.

Amber Heard, "The Chamber"

The ending of the film will surprise many

Another movie about the institution for the mentally ill and another girl, Kristen, who manages not to lose appeal, even undergoing shock therapy and barefoot running away from ghosts. A mysterious asylum, disappearing patients somewhere, a secret that Kristen has to reveal ... Scenes pleasantly caressing the male look and impressing even women will abound here, although this is not an erotic thriller.

Did the heroine Amber come out the winner of the ordeal? It is not so easy to answer this question, you have to look at the “Chamber” on your own.

Kelly Brook, "Piranhas 3D"

On the other hand, to whom to shine in such a film, as not the former model?

The theme of underwater monsters, be it a shark, an anaconda or piranha is a real gift for the director. First of all, such films tickle nerves of the audience from the unforgettable Jaws, and secondly, they provide an opportunity to collect the maximum number of pretty skaters in miniature bikinis on the set. In the movie "Piranhas 3D", the sexy ladies had gathered so much that it was amazing how Kelly Brooks could not get lost in their background. But it was the same! Perhaps due to the super-blood bathing scene naked with partner Jianna Michaels?

Unfortunately, the beauty did not make it to the final of the film - they don’t joke with piranhas, even if you’re a former fashion model.

Chloe Grace Moretz, "Kerry"

Fragile Chloe feels hot on graduation

While still quite young, starring in the vampire saga “Let Me In”, playing the role of a werewolf in “Dark Shadows” and having flashed “Amitville's Horror,” Chloe decided not to stop there and try on the role of Kerry in the 2002 same-name horror movie. It was possible to sparkle everything: an outstanding acting talent, the ability to transform and a chiseled figurine, which the actress unsuccessfully tries to hide from the viewer in the role of the "gray mouse".

As in the classic picture, the girl, endowed with an amazing gift, or a curse, is first attacked by classmates, then, brought to the pen, decides to take revenge, and eventually dies, leaving vague hints of a possible revival.

Jordana Brewster, "Chainsaw Massacre in Texas: The Beginning"

It’s a pity there wasn’t enough battle with maniac sexuality

The movie "Chainsaw Massacre in Texas: The Beginning" was the second highest-grossing film of the series. I wonder if the fact of the presence of a desperate, bold, fantastically sexy Krissy in the tape played a role in this? Surely played! Compared with the detached editor of the school newspaper from the "Faculty", which brought Jordan first glory, the actress here turned around with might and main, so it became clear even to the blind: "the girl is ripe." Once in the den of maniacs, she fights, tries to save friends, is captured, and what does not create in the time allotted for her screen time. In general, if you don’t object to this kind of horror in principle, it’s doubly pleasant to watch “The Massacre”: as a horror film, and as a film with Jordana.

It is a pity, neither hot appearance, nor perseverance did not save Chrissy from the chainsaw maniac.

Olivia Wilde, "Tourist"

In any strange situation, wear a bikini.

The film "Tourist", which tells about a group of young people who decided to rest in a tropical paradise, but instead got into a bloody mess, caused criticism from the authorities of Brazil: they were frightened by the outflow of tourists, frightened by the local "color". In vain they were afraid, the film did not receive great fame, although it gained its audience. Well, connoisseurs of beauty gave frames of Olivia Wilde in a bathing suit.

For worrying about the fate of the heroine: get out of the "hospitable" embrace of the locals alive and save all parts of the body beauty was possible.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt, "I know what you did last summer"

Young and naive Jennifer charmed a whole generation of viewers

The two parts of the film "I Know What You Made Last Summer" once became a real event, turning young Jennifer Love Hewitt into a star and setting the tone for dozens of continuation films of smaller rank. Jennifer's sexuality here is not pronounced, but soft, hidden, and calling for help. It makes women empathize, and men unconsciously rush to help the fragile beauty. It is not surprising that the girl became an idol for a whole generation of adolescents, despite the fact that the heroine did deserve some punishment for her role: she became a witness to the crime and decided to keep silent about it.

Ashley Greene, "Blood of the Moon"

Ashley Greene confidently breaks the path in the cinema

Having declared herself in the acclaimed "Twilight" as a vampire with the gift of foresight, Ashley made a sensible decision to strike while the iron was hot and continued to actively roll on. The horror film "Blood of the Moon" allowed her to remind of herself, appearing before the audience no longer refined and tender Alice, but much more fighting Summer, who managed with a knife in her hands to defend her right to life and get out of the strange "human garden" in his basement, the girl’s recently found biological father.

But on this flirting beauty with the theme of mysticism did not end, and after a short time, Ashley appeared before the fans in the unexpected comedic role of a zombie bride, making desperate attempts to return her boyfriend. Horror, giggles, confusion - and in the center of it all, Ashley is bright and seductive. Worth a look at the weekend.

In fact, the list of beauties who starred in horror, much longer. One has only to recall "City Legends", "Scream" with all its parts, "Destinations", "Planet of Fear", "Byzantium", "Wolf Man" ... Yes, and you certainly have something to add to our rating. Well, what to argue about tastes, it is worth re-putting your favorite nerves tickling the film - or choose from the list of new products you like - and sit down to watch, correcting our rating at its own discretion.