Curious holidays May 23: Day of turtles and collection of medicinal herbs


What anniversaries are associated with the date of May 23 and what holidays are celebrated on this day? The most different: national, religious, unusual. What is worth at least a day of turtles! But first things first.

What holidays are celebrated in Russia on May 23

Unfortunately, no official public holiday falls on the date we need, so there is no chance of presenting a calendar with a legal reason for time off to the boss. But if you are an Orthodox or fond of folk traditions, spending the evening in front of the TV will be at least uninteresting, because today in Russia they celebrate the Day of Remembrance of the Apostle Simon Kananit (Zealot) - the very one at whose wedding Jesus Christ turned the water into wine, not allowing to spoil celebration.

And in the folk calendar Simonov day is considered the right time to collect healing herbs and search for treasures, so feet and hands forward - who is in the church house, and who wander through the fields and meadows.

Interesting can be a walk for reenactors and role players.

Besides Simon Zealot, on May 23, the church also recalls:

  • St. Simon of Pechersk, Bishop of Vladimir and Suzdal, now resting in Kiev;
  • Blessed Simon Yuryevetsky from the Volga town Yuryevets.

Birthdays of the day:

  • Vasiliy;
  • Kirill;
  • Onesimus;
  • Simon;
  • Taisiya.

What is celebrated in the world

In the near abroad today come:

  • in Azerbaijan - the Day of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources;
  • in Tajikistan - Youth Day.

But in the "big world" solemn dates will be typed more.

First, the World Turtle Day is coming, proclaimed by the United Nations in 2000 on the initiative of the American Society for the Protection of these wonderful and lovely animals. In some places real carnival processions in Tortilla costumes and generous treats for the audience are planned.

In honor of the holiday, take care of your keeper of the "Golden Key"

Secondly, in Jamaica, Labor Day is celebrated, which is rather a nationwide work day. It is a pity that not all Jamaican citizens understand its true meaning, preferring to spend the holiday in hammocks.

Thirdly, people practicing Judaism will meet Lag Ba-Omer today. This ancient Jewish holiday, which has several legends about its origin, is celebrated noisily, magnificently, with kindling fires, competitions in archery and torchlight processions. In love note: it is during Lag B'Omer that the loudest weddings are played.

There is always a lot of fire, a lot of noise and a lot of fun

Finally, on May 23, it is considered the birthplace of the Bahai religion, and the holiday itself is called the Annunciation of the Bab (according to legend, the Bab took the name of a young Persian after undertaking the mission to inform the world about the new monistic teaching). Nowadays, Bahai’s are spread mostly in Muslim countries, but they continue their march through the world.

How do we celebrate?

Religious holidays every believer meets as suggested by the postulates of religion and conscience, it would be silly and indelicate to crawl here with your advice.

But if you are fond of herbal medicine, Simonov Day provides an excellent opportunity to replenish your reserves as prescribed by the ancestors. We read and remember:

  • wash up (yes, do not do a clean business with dirty hands);
  • dress in the clothes washed the night before;
  • grab a sickle (mda, there may be a pad) or a clean dishcloth.

Important: on May 23, it is necessary to cut the grass with a sickle, or tear it off, wrapping the hand with a clean woven rag.

True herbalists know when to stock up the most healing potions.

Those who are inspired by the ideas of the Jamaican, can encourage friends to make an improvised mini-subbotnik. Surely there is a place in the city park where you like to gather, so why not put it in order?

Is the spirit of adventurism still in you? Visit the zoo or pet shop, sing a congratulatory song to the first eye on the turtle and leave a bunch of flowers at the terrarium. Just do it as positively as possible, otherwise you may be misunderstood and call the police. Do you think cross-country races from representatives of the law are not included in your entertainment program?

Holidays are listed, ways to have fun are scheduled ... But then, if Thursday’s working bustle doesn’t leave a vigor for active actions, try to just fall into bed early and secure pleasant dreams after rereading a couple of chapters of the Golden Key. Falling into childhood is sometimes helpful and enjoyable.