Stunning hairstyles for prom (55 Ideas) - Get ready for experiments


Choosing a hairstyle for graduation is an important step in preparing for the most anticipated day in the life of every girl. From the very first day of school we have been dreaming of a beautiful dress, chic make-up, neat manicure and, of course, a hairstyle. It is necessary to bring your hair in order every day, because this is our business card, wherever we go. But graduation is a special occasion when all taboos and restrictions are irrelevant. On this day, children become adults, independent, and have every right to look exactly as they want. Every day, world stylists and hairdressers come up with many new, modern hairstyles, the owner, one of which you can become.

Perfectly smooth and even hair, slightly twisted down, can complement your romantic image

Curly curls - the foundation of the foundations of any celebration. For convenience, the front strands can be fastened at the back of the head with a beautiful hairpin

A graduate should remember the golden rule: there can be only one accent in an image. If you have a bright and extravagant dress, hairstyle may be modest. A bundle is a great option

Hairstyles and styling for long hair

If you have luxurious long hair, then you will have many opportunities and ideas, among which you must choose one - the most beautiful, elegant, unforgettable. But do not forget that the hair should not just like it, it should complement your image. Therefore, depending on the dress, you can give preference to the classics.

Classic hairstyles for prom, it is always beautiful, gentle, and whoever says what is, is original. If during ten school years girlfriends continually copied each other, then at the graduation party each strives for uniqueness.

French braid, turning into a beam

Curled hair gathered in a chaotic bundle - this hairstyle is suitable for the owner of a long neck

Matched up hair will look better with a dress with a closed top.

Girls with curly or curly hair have a tremendous advantage over the rest - it takes much less time and special means to set such curls, so that the structure of the hair will remain complete. But those whose hair by nature have an enviable smoothness, need help curling. After the hair is curled, they are collected in a neat bunch, while handling the hair as carefully as possible - each curl should be complete, because in this hairstyle the emphasis is on beautiful curls.

A bundle of twisted strands. Front curls are released forward and give the image ease

Negligible wisp embellished with elegant diadem

Front hairstyle bun looks neat and elegant

With a classic hairstyle, you will look like the heroine of Jane Austen's novels, or Charlotte Bronte - a gentle look, a timid curl, every now and then getting out of the crowd, light makeup and a suitable dress will bring you closer to the blue blood of the people who know how to prepare for the ball. But no one says that the classic hairstyle should be combined exclusively with a classic outfit! We live at a time when the word "fashionable" means not popularity, but a feature, sophistication, the very feature that is difficult to keep up with.

If you want to appear before the public in a gentle way, then you are perfect Butterfly hairstyle.

Butterfly hairstyle will not leave anyone indifferent

  • In order to properly braid the hair in the butterfly you will need to carefully comb and collect them in the tail.

Tip! To avoid roosters, treat your hair with a special styling agent. Then divide the tail into 4 parts, securing each of them with a separate clip.

  • From the center of the tail, we begin to weave an ordinary braid with a pick-up on top, with each part of the tail to be woven separately, and after all the locks are woven, we continue to weave a simple braid.
  • Adjust the bend and tension of the braid so that we have a butterfly wing.
  • After the braid is braided, we hide its tail under the wing and fix it with pins.
  • Such gestures must be made with each part of the tail, and after weaving is completed - sprinkle hair with varnish and add a small piece of jewelry that blends harmoniously with the whole image.

Depending on your look, hairstyle for prom may be in the form of a horse's tail. Release the front strands and wind them to create a festive mood.

Original hair bagel

The appearance of the hairstyle for graduation for long hair can be quite varied. Hair length allows you to choose a lot of beautiful options:

  • spit
  • ponytail,
  • chic curls.

For a dress with an open top is better to choose a hairstyle with flowing hair

Wavy curls laid over one shoulder

This season, various diadems and tiaras that are able to decorate any hairstyle are very popular.

But do not forget that sooner or later the solemn part of the event will end, and dancing will begin with fun contests. If you are sure that you will be able to resist the general fun, then you can safely make a choice in favor of flowing hair, otherwise we offer you the following options:

  • babette
  • Greek hairstyle
  • bouffant,
  • braids such as fishtail and spikelet.

Strong braid will complement your concise image

Romantic fishtail braid with a golden diadem

Using flashy jewelry, you can not bother about the pomp of hairstyles

The thing is that with untied hair, you will immediately become hot, and the hairstyle will simply deteriorate. Therefore, it is better to take care of this moment in advance, and choose exactly the styling, which, in your opinion, will be ideally combined with outfit, makeup and, most importantly, your mood.

Glam rock hairstyle

Braids and backs are characteristic of rock style.

Possessing a chic head of hair, each young lady has every right to appear before the public with that hairstyle that, in her opinion, emphasizes all the strong points as much as possible and hides the weak sides of the exterior. It is always possible to visually lengthen the neck, or to cover problem areas on the back, and the problem of the minimum volume is easily hidden with a little fleece. And if you still decide to go to the prom with loose long hair, then discuss this point with your own hairdresser - perhaps the master will tell you how to choose the right hair in the event that it becomes hot.

The rim around the head of braids and twisted large curls - festively and solemnlyHigh ponytail braided in a braid

High bouffant and loose curls

Tip! If you are the owner of plump, ruddy cheeks, then the hairstyle for a haircut of a ladder is ideal for you. And if you have pronounced cheekbones, you should take care that the length of hair goes down below the cheekbone line. So the face will become softer and more feminine.

Beauty on medium hair

Girls who like hairstyles for graduation on medium hair have an enviable advantage over the others - for them there are no restrictions both in the length of the hair and in the hairstyle itself. Medium hair length allows you to wear loose hair, or discreet tufts. There is a whole list of styling for medium hair, with which your prom will be held with a bang.

Modest low nodule - a convenient hairstyle for medium hair

Beautifully matched hair is ideal for prom, because during the dance you will certainly feel hot and loose curls will only interfere

On the hair of medium length beautifully look large curls. There are two ways to create such a hairstyle - with the help of curlers or curling. If you choose curlers, then you have the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant: without wasting time, you can put on makeup and make a manicure, whereas with a curling iron you have to sit in front of the mirror at the stylist and wait for him to twist each strand. Dresses with an open back or shoulders are well combined with large curls, and due to the fact that the hair "jumps", you will not feel discomfort even in the most dynamic disco.

Elegant shell - a great choice for prom

Strict beam. To create this hairstyle on medium hair, you need to use a foam bagel.

Malvinki variation is often used as a festive hairstyle

Do not want to part with your hair, but you are endlessly interested to try a new, original hairstyle for prom? Then laying "Artificial bob" is for you. Undoubtedly, such a perm takes more time than, say, simple curls, but the unsurpassed result is worth it to suffer a little longer. A discreet Bob goes well with an outfit like a sheath dress or just sleeves.

Artificial bob hairstyle - perfect for medium hair

Wavy hair collected on the back of the head

Elegant styling for medium hair

Children's hairstyles for graduation in the garden

This exciting day in the life of every little one is a graduation from kindergarten. Moms actively help their princesses to decide on a dress, suggest, give advice, and, nevertheless, always try to make their baby look exactly the way she wants. If boys are addicted to cars and robots, then girls love dolls, which simply cannot fail to play into our hands. Bring the child a magazine with her favorite Barbie dolls, and let me choose any dress and hairstyle from the pictures. Believe me, children's graduation hairstyles based on the favorite heroes or heroines of a child are an ideal opportunity to fulfill the dream of your child.

The traditional high beam can be decorated with a small bow, and to give an image of romance - the front strands can be released from the tail and beautifully laid

Light low bun with a beautiful hoop

When choosing a styling for a child, do not forget that children's hair is not so thick and strong as in an adult, and any impact by a styler or hairdryer can ruin it elementarily. It is best to buy beautiful studs, clips, elastics and hairpins that will be combined with the dress, and create your own masterpiece. We all know that not a single children's matinee is complete without dances, so the hairstyles for the graduation party to the garden, most often, at the insistence of the tutors, are performed in the form of a bun. You shouldn’t do it according to a template, because there can be no talk of any individuality, especially a bun - the hairstyle is more everyday than festive.

In order not to spoil children's hair with curling hair and curlers, you can limit yourself to a stunning decoration on the head.

Two parallel French braids go into loose wound curls. The highlight of the image - a bright bow

For the festive look of the baby it will be enough to choose the original hoop

Want to make a bow hairstyle? Then we are happy to help you!

For graduation in kindergarten, you can choose a hairstyle with elastics, pigtails and wreaths of artificial flowers. Hairstyles with a diadem - the choice of these little princesses are very popular among kids. Those girls who have long hair are often asked to braid their hair-bow. To do this, we need to perform the following steps:

Bow hairstyle - stylish and playful

  1. Tying a tight tail in that place. Where will be the bow itself.
  2. During the last stretch of the tail through the gum we leave a small loop of hair, after which we divide it into two parts.
  3. The remaining tail is fixed on the head using stealth.
    Further, the most interesting:
  4. We take our tail, and we wrap two loops of them, throwing over the top.
  5. Use tips to cover the gum and hide them under the bow.
  6. We cover our bow with varnish and that's it - the stylish hairstyle is ready!

With such a bow, any girl will look like a Hollywood star, even if she is only 6 years old.

Ponytail with unusual weaving

Braid waterfall and flower from hair

Children's and romantic image - two loose braids

Hairstyles for children should always be as beautiful and comfortable to wear, and remember - children are little repetitive. Now and then they want to imitate those who, in their opinion, are the most beautiful or popular. Become an authority for your baby and any problem will be solved instantly.

Malvinka with delicate roses

Unusual braid, braided from the base of the neck, turning into a horse's tail

Original flowers from braids

Hair is a way of life, so choose wisely.

The choice of hairstyle must be taken seriously, especially when it comes to small children. If an adult girl herself has the right to decide with what hairstyle she should attend the long-awaited, the most magical evening in her life, then for kids, as a rule, all decisions are made by her mother. Give your child a holiday, a real miracle, let her feel her importance, and unsurpassed beauty.

It’s easy to create an image of a little princess;

The high bunch is decorated with a flower

Hairstyle in the Greek style for a little fashionista

Exquisite shoes, comfortable, unsurpassed dress, bright makeup, wide, open smile, burning eyes and a sea of ​​compliments - this evening is simply must be remembered by you as the most special in life.

Hairstyle of the real Greek goddess

Hairstyle waterfallSpikelet braided from the base of the neck, turning into a volumetric bundle

Braids from braid - gently and elegantly

Braids, braided around the head, decorated with flowers

To dye your hair or make a simple toning, twist large curls or make a high horse tail - there are so many options that it’s quite difficult to give preference to something. Do not be afraid to experiment, open up yourself in a new, unexplored side, and who knows, perhaps looking for a haircut, you can discover something unexpectedly perfect in yourself.
We wish you to be the most beautiful at your graduation party, and win the hearts of all the guests and classmates. Sincere smile and gorgeous hairstyle will make your look unbeatable!