Mistress Govorukhin wants to exhume his body

The woman intends to prove by any means that she gave birth to a child from the director.

The scandal around the legacy of director Stanislav Govorukhin is gaining momentum. Actress Anastasia Martzinkovskaya not only claims that 15 years ago she gave birth to a son from the master, but she is ready for anything so that the boy will get the share due.

The legal widow of the director refuses to believe the girl who has already filed a lawsuit in court. The details of the process were not disclosed to the press, but the journalists managed to get in touch with Anastasia. In an interview with reporters, the woman said that she would not have brought the matter to a public scandal if Govorukhin’s widow would voluntarily agree to sell one of the apartments in favor of her and her son. David was born with cerebral palsy, and the boy needs constant treatment.

Martsinkovskaya called three ways to establish paternity of the director - by personal belongings, if a widow gives them access, according to analyzes kept in the hospital, and through the exhumation of Govorukhin’s body. The girl noted that she would not like to resort to the last option, but she led the analogy with Charlie Chaplin, when his ashes had to be disturbed for the sake of a paternity test.