Alexander Vasilyev rudely criticized Alla Pugacheva

Designer hard appreciated the style of the prima donna.

Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev is known for his uncompromising opinion about the style of stars. Most often his comments are full of sarcasm. Especially caustically, he speaks about the style of dressing Alla Pugacheva. In a recent interview, the designer referred to the words he spoke 15 years ago. Then he noticed that the star showed a bad taste with its “mini-overalls and elephant-legged feet”.

Now Vasiliev stressed that he is not going to give up his words, although he admits that today this style would seem like a fashionable highlight, and not “ugliness.” At the same time, Alexander still insists that full women, such as Alla, should not wear a mini. The designer noted that now the Prima Donna looks and dresses very differently, and thus she is in the "trend".