Self-esteem is not a problem! The history of the model Molly Bair with protruding ears

Unusual, strange and even slightly repulsive appearance should not be a problem for a person. Contrary to his complexes, he is able to overcome any difficulties and make his dreams come true, like a model named Molly Bair.

Molly was born in Pennsylvania in 1997. Since childhood, she has been attacked by her peers because of her appearance, and, being different from others, she very hard endured appearances in society.

Molly was too thin, tall, and also had rather strange facial features: a twisted upper lip, large teeth, and protruding ears. This whole list of terrible pressure on Bair, and her self-esteem with each passing day was rolling into the abyss, from which, it seemed, could not get out.

Later, in one of the interviews, the girl admitted that since childhood, thanks to the mockery of others, she considered herself "a mixture of a rat, a goblin, an alien, a demon and a gremlin" and never thought that she would spend most of her life wearing glasses and mono-browning on the cover. Italian Vogue.

Molly managed to get into the modeling business absolutely by accident - scouts of one of the modeling agencies noticed an unusual girl on the flea market in New York. Within a week, Beyr, still in shock from what had happened, successfully conducted her first defile.

To date, Molly’s service record includes working with well-known brands, participating in several advertising campaigns and appearing in glossy magazines. The girl represented such trademarks:

  • Prada,
  • Chanel,
  • Balenciaga,
  • Sacai,
  • Kenzo
  • Marc Jacobs.

Despite the difficult childhood, the model was able to gain self-confidence. Answering the question about what qualities a representative of her profession should possess, she argues: the main thing is the ability to remember that she remains beautiful and without makeup, the work of makeup artists and expensive author's costumes.