Todorenko showed a figure after childbirth

TV presenter for 3 months returned to the previous form.

Despite the fact that the pregnancy itself, as well as the relationship with her husband Vlad Topalov, Regina Todorenko chose to hide, after the birth she leads an open life to her fans. The girl in detail shared her condition during pregnancy, as well as the problems that awaited her after the appearance of the child. Regina combines the new life of a young mother with the work on her own show on the web. Now she is undergoing training in the hot lands, where Todorenko flew with a film crew. There, for the first time after childbirth, she appeared in a bathing suit - the girl is critical and noted the “hanging belly”, although the subscribers were amazed at her figure.

With fans Regina shared her diet. According to her, in the first month after birth, she ate everything she wanted, which immediately affected the condition of the baby. For the entire second month, she sat on a strict diet of steamed vegetables and lean meat, and by the third month she began to indulge in harmless sweets. In addition, the star regularly practices yoga.