Lanovoy taken to hospital - media

The Internet discusses the emergency hospitalization of the artist.

Despite his advanced age, 85-year-old Vasily Lanovoy still performs on stage. However, the health already brings the national artist. So, in February, he had to cancel his participation in the play. And the other day the Internet has spread an emergency message - Lanovoy in serious condition was taken to hospital. Users shared "bits and pieces" of information heard somewhere: doctors are fighting for the life of an artist who has become ill with a heart.

After a panic on the web, Lanovoy's assistant was forced to make an official statement. According to her, about any emergency hospitalization is out of the question and the health of the artist is not in danger. At the same time, the girl did not disprove the fact that the celebrity was indeed in the clinic, but she called it a "routine examination."