Smiling model with shcherbinka: Luna Schultz

A smile helps to live - an opinion that a girl named Luna Schultz carries with her through life.

The Danish model launched her career in 2014, and her first experience was visiting a fashion show from Freya Dalsjo. The moon's smile instantly captivated a large number of people, and thanks to its shcherbinka between the teeth, models predict a brilliant future, because unusual beauty in the modeling field is now worth its weight in gold.

Schulz collaborates with Supa Model Management in London, and in her home country her interests are represented by 2pm Model Management, which is based in Copenhagen. The main passion of the model is shoes - the Moon has an extensive collection and is always happy to present new shoe lookbooks on the catwalk.

The moon was born in 1997 and at 17 came into the business by chance - she came to support her sister at the same Freya Dalsjo show, where she was noticed by scouts from 2pm Model Management. The favorite activity of the girl is traveling and visiting cinemas and cafes, and the special joy comes from combining these two things.

Before the girl’s life was associated with catwalks and photo shoots, Schultz dreamed of becoming a designer and creating her own line of lingerie in the style of Agent Provocateur. The model is confident that despite full employment in the main field of activity, she will ever succeed in making her youthful dream a reality, especially during the time she works on the catwalk, she has to gain enough contacts to help her.

To date, the moon’s social network Instagram has 5.5 thousand subscribers, and its publications mainly consist of the results of photo shoots and their offscreen component, sometimes diluted with photos of everyday life and leisure.

Some individuals need only appear in a large gathering of people in some way related to the world of fashion, as their lives are immediately turned upside down. It was in this way that we managed to get into the world of catwalks and shows Luna Schultz, who promise a great future thanks to her unusual appearance and cheerful smile.