Against the background of rumors about a divorce, Basharov went to rest with his wife

Fans suspect that the scandal with the application for divorce was nothing more than a PR action.

In February, Marat Basharova’s wife, Elizaveta Shevyrkova, announced that she was going to divorce her spouse. Judging by her words, the pre-Christmas scandal, when, according to rumors, Marat raised his hand to his wife, was true, and the spouses still had no problems in marriage. Basharov found out about his wife’s intention from the press and was shocked - the actor emotionally spoke in the direction of his wife, who rests on his money, bears his name, but did not even bother to discuss the situation before bringing it to the public.

But, apparently, the couple now reconciled. The actor went to Thailand to his wife and son, and their joint pictures appear on the Web. Subscribers expressed the version that a divorce scandal is a PR move by the family to attract attention.