Tolkalina's daughter is extremely thin

Fans are shocked by the appearance of a young girl.

More recently, the daughter Lyubov Tolkalina and Yegor Konchalovsky rarely appeared at official events. Maria has always been a fat teenager, and the girl began to avoid the paparazzi and journalists after the press constantly discussed her appearance. However, last year everything changed - the girl began to play sports and switched to proper nutrition, and in a short time she was able to throw off 30 kilograms. However, such a change also had negative sides - the fans believe that now Maria cannot stop her weight loss.

The other day, Lyubov Tolkalina published a new snapshot of her daughter in social networks - they are now relaxing together in India. The fans were horrified by the unnatural thinness of the girl and even suggested that Masha had developed anorexia. The girl rather sharply answered all the haters, asking them to follow their lives.