Women's outerwear in the English style: 40 exquisite ideas in the photo


Clothing in English style is a classic of world fashion. Residents of Foggy Albion prefer discreet, noble ensembles, not overloaded with accessories, and therefore always look elegant. Women's outerwear, represented mainly by coats, trench coats, duffle coats and jackets, is no exception.

Main features

Traditional outerwear in the English style is characterized by concise cut and design. The silhouette can be straight or semi-adjacent. Clasp - small buttons in the tone of the fabric, supatnaya (secret) clasp, zapbutx with a belt. The most popular collar - made on blazer cut.

English women prefer outerwear noble colors:

  • black
  • gray
  • chocolate brown
  • green
  • white,
  • burgundy.

In the spring collections there are light shades:

  • sky blue
  • mint,
  • peach,
  • pale pink.

The clothes are sewn from natural fabrics:

  • wool
  • tweed
  • cloth
  • cashmere.

There are also artificial fabrics with a smooth texture. The most popular prints are the cage and crow's feet.

According to the unspoken rules of the English fashion, the length of the outerwear should cover half or half of the knees. But the current English fashionistas wear models of any length ranging from shortened jackets and duffle coats to elongated krombi, coats and trench coats.

British women complement the warm wardrobe with small hats, gloves, voluminous scarves or scarves. On the shoe shelf of true ladies fashionable shoe boots, elegant pumps, leather or suede boots with a straight shaft are kept. The image can be diluted with expensive decorations:

  • a brooch
  • earrings
  • bracelet
  • ring.

To suit

Outerwear in traditional English style is suitable for all ladies, regardless of gender, appearance type or age. This style chooses fans not by their physique and body type, but by the nobility of the soul and good manners. He emphasizes the aristocracy of the image, self-reliance and the ability to stay in society.

Coats and trench coats of a strict cut - ideal option for the ladies preferring classics in everyday life. Such clothes are suitable for individuals who successfully move up the career ladder or develop their own business.

To make the British-style outerwear look appropriate and attractive, pay maximum attention to the choice of models and accessories. Make sure that your manners match the chosen style, because the classics are not comparable with excessive temper, egocentrism and vanity.

Successful female images of outerwear in the English style

Outerwear in the English style can be the basis for an elegant warm wardrobe. Traditionally, strict sheath dresses, pencil skirts and classic-cut trousers are selected for her. Designers also offer more affordable sets with sports shoes, colorful fabrics and appropriate accessories.


Autumn coat in the English style - a universal thing for cool weather. You can pick up a classic skirt, practical jeans, an elegant dress of any length, a strict blouse, shirt or turtleneck.

When creating an image, choose shoes with heels or platform. It can be boots made of genuine leather or suede with a straight shaft, ankle boots, in warm weather - pumps with heels. Bow can be supplemented with a cozy scarf or a small hard bag with short handles.

A set of coats, dresses and ankle boots will help you to feel like a true lady. A neatly laid hairstyle will complement the image, make it complete. Young ladies can combine a coat and with usual things: a sweatshirt, sports shoes and a backpack.

Trench coat

Trenchcoat - one of the favorites of women's wardrobe in the English style. In the trend of double-breasted models beige, gray, mint, blue, mustard and milky.

Trench blends with almost any style of clothing. Medium length raincoats can be combined with jeans and ankle boots. It can be worn with a long skirt and knee high boots. Instead of boots, you can wear boots with a comfortable square heel, and in warm weather, shoes with heels. The image will complement the scarf to match trench coat.

With a cropped model, classic straight trousers, knee-length skirts, midi or traditional sheath dresses are worn. High-rise girls can complement the trench with an elongated skirt.

Trench coats of basic colors will help to create a classic bow:

  • white,
  • black
  • beige,
  • dark blue.

To create a bright, cheerful image, a raincoat of red, green, orange or blue is suitable. The created ensemble should be complemented with a scarf and matching jewelry.

Duffle coat

Duffle coat is a straight or semi-fitted coat with a hood, patch pockets and large walrus tang clasps that are threaded through loops of textile or leather cord. Such coats are sewn from warm wool fabric, which serves as a reliable protection from wind and weather.

Duffle coat is worn with tight straight pants and heeled ankle boots. Instead of ankle boots you can wear boots.

A great option - a coat with jeans and warm boots or sneakers.

This English coat goes well with any scarves, it is desirable that they were voluminous and warm. The image can be supplemented with a medium size bag.

Under the outerwear of this type wear knitted blouses, turtlenecks, sweaters. Especially comfortable with a coat look sweaters with a large, embossed viscous.

Pants, jeans can be replaced by a skirt. A long narrow skirt or a short, fluffy version will suit the duffle coat. With a very short coat they wear warm shorts with cuffs, tight tights and boots or boots.

Pea coat

The reefer coat is a short double-breasted straight cut coat in England with a turn-down collar and front pockets. The model is complemented by two rows of buttons and an optional clasp on the collar.

Jackets sew from dark color fabric:

  • black
  • gray
  • brown
  • burgundy.

Less common are the jackets of bright, cheerful colors:

  • red
  • blue
  • sandy
  • green

We can not exclude the traditional cage that adorns the outerwear of the English fashion women.

Pea jackets are made of very dense, soft fabric, which consists of natural wool 75-80%. The lining of the coat is sewn of satin, silk or viscose.

ideally combined with emphasized feminine shoes: ballet shoes, shoes with a small square heel or high, but steady. In cool weather, shoe boots or boots with buckles, metal buttons, and an accordion on the bootleg will be appropriate. A short coat can be worn with wedge shoes, boots with a thick corrugated sole, rubber boots and leather boots.

Pea jacket sets the tone for the whole image. It remains only to supplement it with well-chosen accessories. With the help of a warm, comfortable top you can create an original, stylish bow for any occasion.

Increasingly, women's outerwear in the English style is widely used to embody fashionable images. With its help, you can create both a strict business bow and a decent ensemble for everyday use. For a classic business outfit, choose a top in a neutral color and combine it with straight slim trousers, a pencil skirt, pumps, or ankle boots. You can liven up a conservative English style with the help of bright accents: large warm scarves, stylish shoes, gloves, bags, interesting decorations.