Unrivaled style of Emma Watson: what is it based on?


The beautiful Watson was remembered by millions of fans as the sweet sorceress Hermione from the cult Harry Potter movie series. Now Emma is an exquisite beauty with an incomparable taste of style, the inspiration of many designers, the face of the Lancomé cosmetics company. Her images are filled with characteristic British restraint and elegance, inspiration and grace.

Emma Watson Style

Emma grew up in front of the audience and gradually transformed from a baby with strange children's clothes into an icon of style for young beauties.

In 2010, Emma got a haircut for a boy, but that didn't spoil her a bit

In everyday life, she gives her choice of simplicity and comfort. Her images are minimalistic, using base tones.

This style is striking in its restraint and impeccable taste.

Clothing Emma comfortable free cut, without intricate details. They are missing unnecessary decor, ruffles, flounces, bows, etc.

Emma's looks are simple and sophisticated.

The actress adheres to the classic style of dressing, complementing it with fashion trends. Emma loves the combination of black and white, pretentious outfits are definitely not for her.

This color combination is a classic of elegant style.

The actress rarely chooses a difficult cut, but even here she prefers monochrome colors and the absence of unnecessary details.

Almost all products, executed in the style of minimalism, are distinguished by a small number of parts and an almost complete absence of decorative elements.

For festive occasions, the actress chooses elegant dresses in pastel colors. Emma is the face of Christian Dior fashion house, so she can often be seen in the clothes of this brand.

Emma charmed others with her white-necked dress at the London premiere of "Noah"

The actress complements her evening looks with pumps.

This dress well emphasizes a flat stomach, focuses on the shoulders and elegantly exposes the legs. Emma knows how to look feminine in such dresses, not vulgar

At one of the premiere of the film "Noah" Emma appeared in a black satin dress with a train Oscar de la Renta.

This dress is moderately romantic, sexy and elegant.

I would like to thank Hermione, however strange that may sound, for instilling a sense of style in me. Perhaps I would never have become so keenly interested in fashion if I had not had to act in film for so long ...

Emma Watson

Emma is not a big fan of accessories. Most often, a pair of earrings and a small handbag or clutch serve as an addition to evening dresses.

A clutch with a decor draws attention to itself and perfectly complements the image

The girl prefers to emphasize her natural beauty with the help of NUDE-makeup with an emphasis on the eyes.

NUDE-style makeup looks like a face without any makeup, but it also looks gentle and feminine.

For everyday wear, Emma chooses low-heeled shoes, usually sneakers, loafers or ballet flats to match the color of her basic clothes.

Neat neutral-tone sneakers are great for both jeans and a dress

Emma loves sunglasses, huge scarves and roomy bags.

Points of this model are a good choice for people who value classic style.

With large bags, very well combined many items of wardrobe, which allows you to freely make a sea of ​​fashionable images, based on popular trends.

Emma's Choice - Spacious Bag

The basics of color and cut clothes

A characteristic feature of Emma's minimalist style is the use of a neutral color scheme. Her favorite colors are white and black.

White dress is a win-win option for various meetings and events.

The girl chooses natural fabrics: wool, silk, tweed, cotton, knitwear, cashmere, crepe.

Dresses from natural fabrics will suit both everyday and various events.

The figure of the actress deserves special admiration. Always slim, toned and feminine - Emma is a role model for many girls.

Emma Watson shows a figure with model parameters on the beach

She has a fragile build and short stature, so she puts on tight-fitting and rather short outfits to emphasize the figure.

A miniskirt on a woman with a good figure is always beautiful and sexy.

Unsuccessful Images

Not all images of Emma are minimalistic and simple. Sometimes the outfits of the actress clearly leave the audience at a loss.

One of these images is the outfit for the premiere of the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Almost everything is terrible here: the vulgar lace mini, ostrich feathers and shoes on a giant platform obviously do not go to the pretty face of a young actress.

This outfit does not fit the usual way we Emma

The girl was surprised by her outfit at the ceremony "Man of the Year GQ". Emma appeared before the public in a short white top with a square neckline and wide pants with a high waist. The dress turned out extremely ridiculous.

By the way, Emma got the title of "Woman of the Year" the day before, but she decided to disappoint everyone with her outfit.

But the greatest attention undoubtedly attracted the image of Emma to the Golden Globe film award ceremony. Fans barely managed to find out the actress. Emma appeared in a black dress, but the main cherry on the cake was the hairstyle and makeup of the star - a strange uneven bangs, aging makeup and lipstick, emphasizing the antennae. It seems that this image of Emma will be remembered for a long time.

The image of the girl was criticized even by those who considered her very pretty

Despite all her fashionable mistakes, Emma is the standard of naturalness, grace, charm and a good sense of style. It can be safely called an excellent example for young girls who appreciate practicality and minimalism in clothes.