Kerzhakov owes wife 13 million rubles

Now the bailiffs are looking for a defaulter.

Football player Alexander Kerzhakov was in the center of a new scandal. His data hit the base of defaulters of the bailiff service. According to the information, the athlete owed more than 13 million rubles in alimony to his first wife. A source familiar with the situation noted that the recovery of funds was not imposed by a court, but by a notary agreement, which means Kerzhakov was allowed to travel abroad. Now both sides are trying to peacefully resolve the issue, not bringing the matter to court and public clarification of the relationship.

With the first wife, Maria Golova, Alexander broke up in 2010 after five years of marriage. From the relationship they have a daughter, Maria, the maintenance of which is a football player and must pay alimony. After that, Kerzhakov had two more marriages, each of which ended in divorce. The conflict with the third wife - Milana Tulipova - continues to this day.