Photo session for Nord West

The young star of famous parents follows in their footsteps.

North, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, has already become a real star. The young model took part in the photo shoot and was shot for the cover of the magazine.

The stylists worked with the girl to make the fashion hairstyle, and the makeup artists made up her eyes with bright shades of crimson color. Network users noted that her excessive interest in cosmetics and makeup does not match age. However, the Nord has someone to take an example. Mom and aunt are successfully promoting their own brand cosmetics line to the beauty market, and the heiress is happy to advertise KKWBeauty's lipstick on the social network and does makeup to her star parent.

The WWD edition has made the assumption that the Nord can become a symbol of a new generation, which at such a young age will be interested in fashion, beauty and cosmetics on a par with adults.