What to wear with a tunic: 26 successful images

In the closet of almost every woman you can find a tunic. Such popularity is associated with the convenience and everyday style of this garment. The main thing is to choose the right thing to wear a tunic to create a harmonious image.

Tunics are an airy and lightweight garment.

For a tunic pants fit perfectly.

Shorter trouser models will also fit into the image.

The most common option is a combination of a tunic with jeans.

With this outfit looks good belt at the waist or hips.

Tunic and leggings - that will suit any girl. If you choose the right fabric and color of these products, you can hide your flaws and emphasize the advantages.

A jacket, cardigan or vest in combination with a tunic is a great option for spring and autumn.

This item of clothing is useful to the girl and in the warm season. Tunic can be worn both in the city and beyond. Especially stylish will look like a combination with shorts.

Focus on either fabric or design. Learn how to combine the color of the tunic with other items of clothing.

Tunic can be combined with pants, leggings, jeans, shorts and skirts. The main thing - to choose the harmonious colors and materials.