Lopyreva denies friendship with his lover's wife

The pregnant model was in the center of the scandal - she was blamed for taking her husband away from a friend who was in a position.

The other day the name of the father of the future child model Victoria Lopyreva became known - it turned out to be a businessman Igor Bulatov. Snapshots of the couple, resting together on the beach, outraged the fans of the girl, and representatives of show business.

Many of them noted that Victoria acted dishonestly, after all, Igor had recently been married to her close friend Tate Karapetyan, and the couple were waiting for their second child. According to rumors, it was because of Lopyryova Igor threw the pregnant wife. So, Olga Buzova and Andrei Malakhov admitted that they stopped communicating with Victoria after this conflict.

Victoria, in comments on Instagram, denies being close friends with Tata, although there are a lot of pictures proving that the girls communicated well and spent a lot of time together.

In addition, as the model admitted, the news about the pregnancy Karapetyan came as a surprise to her.