20 best female hairstyles concealing a double chin


Those women who have such a noticeable flaw, like a swam oval face can also look beautiful. To do this, it is necessary to visually adjust its contours, focusing on the merits. This will help the hairstyle, hiding the second chin.

Hairstyles and effects forbidden to women with second chin

Double chin is formed not only in obese people, it can be noticeable in those who have no problems with excess weight. When choosing hairstyles for such women should consider:

  • face shape;
  • age;
  • health and hair structure;
  • style and preferences.

The following hairstyles and effects are prohibited for women with a second chin:

  • ultra short haircut;
  • the predominance of the volume of hair in the chin;
  • long straight hair, brushed against the top of the head;
  • symmetrical straight bangs;
  • haircut straight hair exactly on the shoulders.

20 hairstyles for women with second chin

Many women who have certain flaws in appearance, do not know which hairstyle is suitable for obese women with a double chin. Photos with ideas of different hairstyles will help determine the choice.

Graduated layered haircut for short hair

It will give additional volume to the hair, which visually reduces the fullness of the face. Girls with her will look fresh and slightly careless, and ladies of elegant age can create an image of a business and cheerful lady, dropping at the same time about a dozen years.

Graduated multi-layered haircut is not recommended for sparse hair.

Symmetrical bob haircut

This is a universal hairstyle: it is suitable for women of all ages and face shapes. Cascading haircut strands can give volume even to sparse hair, removing the accent from a double chin. In addition, women with a round or square face can visually lengthen it, thereby reducing the volume of the cheeks and chin.

Symmetrical haircut bob combines timeless classics and new age

Asymmetrical bob haircut

Any face shape pulls to the correct oval. In addition, it allows you to focus on the eyes, visually increasing them. In women over 50 emphasizes their extraordinary and creative nature.

Asymmetrical bob hairstyle does not set strict rules in the choice of length

Symmetric Pixie Version

Contributes to the creation of additional volume at the crown. Corrects the shape of the face, reducing the cheeks and chin. Suitable for women with hard dark hair, and with rare hair. Perfect hairstyle for a full face with a double chin.

Pixies are characterized by open ears and neck: on the back of the head, on the top of the head and on the bangs, the hair is elongated, and in the area of ​​the temples and neck there are short strands

Asymmetric Pixie Version

Allows you to hide all the flaws of the full face. A great option for older women, due to the rejuvenating effect. Hairstyle emphasizes optimism and dedication of its owner. In addition, the installation is easy to maintain.

The asymmetrical pixie version perfectly adorns girls with large outlines.

Classic car

A real find for ladies with a full and round face. The emphasis on an open forehead and a decrease in volume to the bottom successfully mask the second chin. Suitable for women of all ages.

Hairstyle to the shoulders or chin makes the hair look fuller and more voluminous

Kare with rounded bangs

This hairstyle is designed for women with an oval or triangular face. The image is suitable for business and active ladies of any age.

Classic square with bangs for those who want to balance the high line of the forehead

Asymmetrical car

Visually lengthens a round or square face, bringing it closer to an oval shape. Reduces chin volume. Not recommended for ladies with sparse hair. Learn more about hairstyles.

Asymmetrical caret helps to divert attention from the shape of the face

Short haircut with torn bangs

A great option for young and active women. Increases the volume on top, which contributes to the visual reduction of the chin.

Ripped bangs suggests the presence of strands that are not cut off in the same way.

Straight bang ladder

Suitable for medium length hair. It gives the face a regular oval shape. For women with sparse hair, this hairstyle allows you to hide this flaw.

The essence of the ladder is that each layer of shorn hair is shorter than the previous

The average length of hair with a curl below

Hairstyle successfully masks the line of the second chin and gives a woman of any age a touch of romance.

Curls are able to make the image playful, tender and attractive

Laying curl hair medium length to the side

Allows the face to visually become much thinner. It makes invisible even a pronounced second chin. In addition, it hides voluminous cheeks.

Laying curl to the side is not recommended for ladies with sparse hair

Curls on medium hair

Suitable for women with a round face shape. Curls hide wide cheekbones. Lengthen the face.

Hairstyle will look organic on young ladies

High tail

Creates volume at the top of the head, focusing on the eyes. Suitable for casual, sporty and business style clothing. Allows you to save time on its creation.

High tail looks good on ladies of any age

Tail with hair behind

This hairstyle corrects the proportions of the face, reducing the problem areas. Easy negligence makes the woman more feminine and more romantic.

A tail with a hair in the back especially organically looks on the fair sex with curly hair

Cascading styling

Designed for women with long hair. Allows you to visually lengthen the face. It will look good on young women with soft features, adding to them a touch of romance.

Cascading haircut will allow you to create a new image every day using various styling methods.

Nachos behind

It transfers the center of attention of others from the chin line to the eye level. Not suitable for aged ladies, women with hard hair.

Haul on hair is relevant for owners of thin and rare hair

Long hair curls

Curls - this is a real panacea for girls with long hair who want to disguise the second chin. Hairstyle is suitable even for ladies with rare hair.

Curls for long hair look spectacular with any method of curling

Volume braid

This hairstyle visually reduces the contours of the face due to the massive braids. Ideal for girls with long hair. Not recommended for ladies of elegant age.

Braids make a girl more feminine and tender

Greek braid to the side

Creates volume from behind. Due to the asymmetrical location of the braid at the level of the chin, it contributes to its visual reduction. You can make both office and holiday version of the hair.

Laying does not require the use of clamps and varnishes

Asymmetry and volume from above allow you to reliably hide an unpleasant second chin and visually tighten the contours of the face. However, before you decide on the choice of hair, you need to "try on" it in a special program. This will allow you to visually see all the advantages and disadvantages of the selected option.