15 fashion failures Irina Shayk


Despite the fact that Irina Shayk has been shining on catwalks and red carpet for many years, she has not yet learned how to present herself in the most favorable light. The model is often accused of bad taste and love of frank and provocative images.

The combination of leather and black guipure is in itself dangerous and risky, but in this case, a very frank neckline and strange length made the dress vulgar, not sexual.


Despite the fact that Irina is a model, spoiling her figure turned out to be a simple affair. Cutouts in the wrong places and low waistline created the illusion of extra pounds and short legs.


Irina has a talent for choosing dresses that violate the proportions of her figure! The model has repeatedly appeared in outfits that make her breasts visually smaller, and the belly - more.


At Vanity Fair Oscars in 2014, Irina showed a rather strange image, combining extreme cleavage, an unusual bottom of a dress and frightening makeup.


The classic little black dress would look great on Irina if it were the right size and without an abundance of unnecessary details.


Irina's love for deep decolletes and extreme cuts was repeatedly noted by fashionable critics, and not in a positive way.


The dress in which Irina appeared at the party Vanity Fair 2015 barely covered the most intimate places of the model, leaving almost no room for imagination. Such an image can rather be described as "vulgar" rather than luxurious and elegant.


The combination of combination dress and high stocking boots creates an overly provocative image, especially in Irina with her magnificent forms and bright appearance.


Too much Marilyn: a dress decorated with portraits of Monroe is catchy in itself, so the addition in the form of the same boots is an obvious bust.


A midi skirt and an old-fashioned blouse, as if from a grandmother's chest, turned the model into a rural teacher.


The purple dress, in which Irina appeared at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Spanish Vogue, made the model's shoulders massive and added a few kilograms to the waist. Hanging, as if stretched, the collar and the abundance of folds also did not add gloss to the image.


The dress, in which Irina appeared on Met Gala 2016, was puzzled by many: the combination of deep cleavage and cut looked vulgar, and the style emphasized the wide shoulders of Irina and did not add a femininity model.


The translucent form-fitting dress with a wide belt, in which Irina appeared in Cannes in 2017, demonstrated all the flaws in the model's figure.


Irina's desire to demonstrate her sexuality often turns against her - the model has a bright, exotic appearance, and overly revealing outfits make a repulsive impression. Irina should learn to use her external data and create refined and elegant images.