Evgeny Tsyganov and Julia Snigir were published together

The couple dispelled rumors about their break.

Only recently, in the sphere of domestic show business, a rumor appeared about a break in the relationship between Yevgeny Tsyganov and Yulia Snigir. Recall, to Yulia, Evgeny left from his other passion, actress Irina Leonova, leaving the one with 7 children. Snigir also gave birth to an actor of a child, but all the time they have not appeared together at official events. Insiders reported discord in the family - Eugene is looking for privacy for work, which he did not have either in his former family or in relations with Snigir.

Recently, however, the couple appeared together again at the film premiere, silencing the gossipers. True, the sources claim that Julia simply accepted the guest marriage.