The participant of the show "Marry Buzov" can not get the promised money

Yevgeny Nazarov has exchanged the love of a star for money, but still cannot take them.

According to the rules of the project “Marry Buzov”, which ended on the screens a month ago, a so-called amount of temptation was offered every week. This is money that participants could collect in exchange for leaving the project and not fighting for the heart of a star. Participants of the show always refused the coveted amount to Yevgeny Nazarov. The dollar millionaire, on whose victory many viewers so hoped for, could not resist and chose 2 million rubles.

As it turned out recently, in spite of the fact that the show on TV was over, Eugene still cannot receive money. Nazarov has not yet applied to the court, since the producers of the project get in touch and promise to transfer them to him the other day. A man is going to spend part of them on charity.