Tresh-tent on the road: the most unfortunate outfits of Elena Vaenga


The pop singer, actress, author of numerous songs and just a beautiful woman Elena Vaenga can not always successfully, as with songs and roles, hit the target with a fashionable image. The most unfortunate outfits of Elena Vaenga could be seen by all her fans at various concerts and even social events.

Corset top and skirt under the tutu - a variant except for ballerinas in the appropriate physical form.

Red satin in combination with guipure is definitely not an option for a creative evening. Is that in the camp at the campfire.

Surplus of various lines and forms in one outfit is overkill.

Elena remembered about the cornflower summer?

Russian grandma style? Why do you specifically age yourself? Far to old age, far away.

Extravagance Helen does not hold.

Does the actress seem to be trying to fly with this skirt?

Awkward floral print spoiled more than one outfit singer.

There are more questions than answers to this ...

Dress format "woman on samovar" is not the best option for a young woman.

Sleeves of incomprehensible length and pluck-eye pattern.

The widow dress is also a so-so idea.

Epatage in the image - an integral part of the style of the singer.

True, Helen does not guess regularly with the "folk" outfits. There are also a number of gaps in the choice of modern street style.

The favorite accessories of the singer, scarves in various forms and colors, do not suit her equally.

Helen does not sing in the style of folk.

But her gypsy romances are unlikely to work. But the colorful image - definitely.

Sticking ethno-dress underwear with transparent laces on the waist and shoulders is the height of bad taste and vulgarity.

Vaenga often sins by wearing clothes with numerous sequins, frills, lace and guipure, and all this may well be on one part of the wardrobe. This creates the feeling that Elena is dressed tasteless and disgusting. But after all, attentive fans know that sometimes the singer dresses in elegant dresses that are very suitable for her. But not this time.

And yes, if many things age Elena, the wreath is clearly not her age ...

Now Elena has put herself in shape, has become prettier and has grown. And, by the way, most of her outfits began to differ not with the gypsy flavor, rather than before, but with more restraint and refinement. Perhaps Elena Vaenga will work on her image and the fans will forever be able to erase trash-tattoos from memory.