Jennifer Lopez makes her boyfriend save on the last family

The star got involved in the conflict of his current man with his ex-wife.

Jennifer Lopez is known for her cool temper and the other day she decided to show it to the past family of her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Not so long ago, it was with the filing of Jen Alex raised the issue of reducing the amount of monthly alimony. At the same time, Rodriguez is not in trouble - during his career as a baseball player, he managed to earn more than 400 million dollars. At the hearing on the revision of the amount of payments Lopez came with him. And it was she who declared that now the athlete will pay no more than 10 thousand dollars instead of the previous 115 thousand - thus, the amount of alimony will be reduced by 10 times.

Cynthia’s ex-wife was outraged by such a proposal and stopped negotiations. Later, the girl stressed to journalists that, together with her ex-husband, they always tried to create a comfortable environment for raising children, but this was until recently.