Daughter of Nikolai Drozdov broke her spine

Anchorman is now looking for a clinic to pay for a complicated operation.

A terrible incident occurred with the daughter of Nikolai Drozdov. The presenter himself told about the incident, having recently become the hero of one of the TV shows. According to him, his eldest daughter Nadezhda from her first marriage was seriously injured. Not long ago, she fell down the stairs and broke her spine. Now the girl’s family is looking for a suitable clinic for her - her relatives have found several options where they can be hospitalized to Nadezhda. The matter is complicated by the fact that she does not have her own finances, therefore, Drozdov himself will have to pay for expensive treatment.

Little is known about the leader’s daughter’s past - the girl began working as a host for a television program, but soon moved to live in Thailand. Returning to Moscow, Nadezhda could not resume a successful career and build a personal life - she still lives with her mother, Drozdov’s first wife.