Kendall Jenner in a huge down jacket became a laughing stock on the Internet

New model photo has already become an Internet meme.

In late autumn, many celebrities are already picking up their wardrobe for the winter and actively promote clothing on the web. So, the other day on the social network of the French magazine Vogue an unusual photo of a model Kendall Jenner appeared. On it a girl is depicted in a giant down jacket, because of which her head seems just tiny. In the caption to the photo, the journalists reminded that winter is near.

A new picture instantly became a meme on the Internet. In a short time, he virally spread around the world and became the subject of jokes and sarcastic signatures. Kendall has not responded to ridicule.

And some users remembered the last meme with a huge scarf Lenny Kravitz and suggested that the musician and Jenner would make a harmonious pair.