Former wife Shnurova meets restaurateur

Matilda Shnurova started a new relationship after just a couple of months after the divorce.

Sergey and Matilda Shnurovs' divorce surprised fans. It seemed that this pair looks remarkably harmonious. The reason for parting is unknown to this day. But both parties are already happy in the new relationship. According to rumors, Sergey started an affair with Olga Abramova and is even going to marry her. Matilda also did not lag behind her ex-husband and has already established a new relationship.

Chosen girl - restaurateur Sergey Shponko. The couple was first spotted by reporters at the airport - the lovers laughed and kissed, paying no attention to anyone. Establishing the identity of a man was not difficult - Sergey owns a business in St. Petersburg, he is friends with many celebrities.