Style Jennifer Lopez: what can you learn, and what to teach a star?


Singer Jennifer Lopez does not like to remember the beginning of his career. At that time, she was terribly complex because of her own rounded shapes. And the producers flatly refused to cooperate with her until she lost those extra pounds. The personal style of Jennifer Lopez helped to defeat the complexes and self-doubt, with which the star turned the disadvantages into advantages and personal "chips".

Star clothing styles

Jennifer often says that the clothes she chooses are a reflection of her character and inner state. And this, judging by her creative and life journey, is true. Clothing style Jennifer Lopez can be traced to the photo taken from the beginning of her stellar career.

In her youth, Lopez preferred restraint, strict and closed attire, the almost complete lack of makeup.

Then there was a decisive and irrevocable rejection of the severity of clothing - the future star was fascinated by mini-skirts and high boots, and supplemented her own image with sparkles and lipsticks of dark tones.

In the photo of Jennifer you can sometimes notice a necklace with the name Bella. This is one of the singer's nicknames, along with J. Lo, Lola and La Lopez.

The evolution of images of Jennifer from 1995 to the present time is a vivid example of what has happened in the global beauty industry for two decades.

Influence on the style of the star was significantly influenced by creativity. Due to the directions of soul and R'n'B, tight fitting trousers and short tops appeared in the singer's wardrobe.

Lopez experimented with sports things in a glamorous style that are comfortable for life, but at the same time they look expensive and correspond to the star status.

Loves the singer and casual.

As well as elegant classics. This is the best option for any occasion: from social events to everyday exits.

Particular attention is paid to the singer shoes.

In the top 3 preferences Jennifer includes:

  • python leather shoes;
  • gladiator sandals;
  • studs that perfectly complement any outfit.

How Lopez takes into account the peculiarities of his figure

One of the most successful colors of clothes for Jennifer is black. For example, the star looks great in an elegant dress-case.

At the same time, experiments with pink are no less interesting. The use of fabrics of this color in curtain dresses is very effective.

Also in the top three most winning colors Jennifer includes green, whether it be a dress, suit or skirt.

One of the most stylish things in her wardrobe is a green dress made of flowing fabric, in which Lopez appeared at the Vanity Fair party in 2006.

In addition to color, Jennifer takes into account the features of his figure. The singer has a perfect body, and in her outfits she seeks to remind about it.

FHM magazine twice called Jennifer Lopez the sexiest woman in the world. No one managed to get this title more than once.

An interesting detail: the more popular the star became, the more daring its outfits became, and the neckline became deeper.

For a couple of decades, "naked" dresses - one of the business cards Lopez.

Since 1998, she has regularly surprised and even shocked the public with defiant transparent toilets and huge cuts.

In his youth, due to a particular figure, Jennifer had the nickname "La Guitarra" (guitar).

Perhaps the most famous of these frank costumes star fans have seen in 2000. Then the furor produced a dress from Versace, in which Jennifer Lopez went to the Grammy Award Carpet.

The most unfortunate images of Jennifer

Experts say that the style of Jennifer can not be called perfect. But at the same time, it is impossible to attribute it to poorly dressed celebrities. She manages to balance on the edge. Although exceptions in the form of not the most successful images also happen.

For example, during a novel with rapper P. Diddy, the singer changed her style and tried to match her second half, trying on the image of a girl from a disadvantaged area. Critics have noted that the star has become less feminine and has lost some of the fans. A new not acquired.

Jennifer was not always lucky in experiments with cosmetics. In 2000, she became fascinated with pearl shadows, which, in combination with an old-fashioned hairstyle, made her look older.

In 2003, the star was criticized for unsuccessful false eyelashes, looked ridiculous.

In 2004 and 2007 - for excessive tanning.

With her dark skin, it was a really bad decision.

A year later, the star "got" for unsuccessful attempts to regain youth and become a "girl from our yard."

However, this is the reason for the small failures in order to work on the mistakes and return to the perfect style again.

Jennifer Lopez says she doesn’t care what the “fashion police” dictates. The main thing - to look neat and fresh, says the singer. And everything else - only a matter of taste. And with this, assessing the images of J. Law for a couple of decades, you can not argue: time puts everything in its place and helps to understand which of the experiments with the style turned out to be successful, and which were completely superfluous.