Stars before and after photoshop: some scary to watch!


Photoshop paints each person, makes his skin smoother and lighter, and his smile is even brighter. All the bumps go away. Have you ever compared a star's photo before and after photoshop? This is an amazing sight.

Jennifer Aniston

In this photo, Aniston is clearly not younger than a dozen years.


In fact, the skin of Beyonce is not as smooth as it might seem at first glance.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda after Photoshop seems very young and fresh, but without him everything is far from true.

Angelina Jolie

And you thought that the skin of the diva is perfect?

Kim cattrall

Now we know the secrets of eternal youth.


No outfit will make it more beautiful than Photoshop.

So change in a minute is impossible!

On glossy pages, it looks better than in reality.

Naomi Watts

Miracle Photoshop!

You can remove freckles in a couple of clicks, but they looked so beautiful.

Kate Winslet

Some are transformed too much.

In fact, it was possible to do without Photoshop.

Britney Spears

Become younger by 20 years in a minute? Easy!

Become thin for a minute is very simple.

You do not need to spend hours in the gym to remove the sides and cellulite!

Photoshop even changes the shape of the eyebrows.

Justin Bieber

With the help of Photoshop, you can increase even a piquant place.


Did you really think she was so young and looking good at 40?

Cindy crawford

The abdomen is removed in a matter of moments.

Penelope Cruz

In my opinion, small wrinkles only adorn a woman.

Katy Perry

The covers of glossy magazines are increasingly striking.

Smooth skin is not easy to achieve.

Keira Knightley

And you don't need any plastic.

On the cover of a magazine leather should be perfect.

Lindsey Lohan

And in her youth, she easily managed without Photoshop ...

Miley Cyrus

Not everyone needs face correction.

Kristen Stewart

No one and nothing but photoshop could shut her mouth.

Avril lavigne

How does Photoshop transform.

Kim Kardashian

Some stars especially love to adjust the shape in Photoshop.

Many considered this little bug on the nose a highlight ...

Gwen Stefani

From her this is not exactly expected!

Sharon stone

Minor photoshop and light correction are always beneficial.

Chris Jenner and Gordon Ramsay

Not only girls sin with photoshop!

Eva Mendez

Some magazines do not really edit photos of their models too much.

Tyra Banks

And you thought that professional models have no bags under the eyes?

Nicole Scherzinger

Now it is clear why in all the photos she looks like a goddess.

Emma Watson

She looks great without makeup!

Candice huffin

But she was already considered a plus size model ...

Lady Gaga

This is certainly the least of what she could surprise us.

Scarlett Johansson

She is beautiful in any form.

Stars really know how to hit their reincarnations. However, some of them are clearly not to face.